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       Table of Contents: Volume 8, Number 2 October 2021



Engineering as both a Science and a Technology

Nkuma-Udah K.I.

         [Full Article - PDF]   p. 47


Case Studies and Reviews


Miscellany of Hospital Contact Surfaces Microbiome: A Case Study of Selected Hospitals in Owerri South Eastern Nigeria

Okafor S.A., Mbata C. C., Daniel J. A., Arukalam F. M., Daniel-Nwosu E. I. and Okafor A. L.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 48 - 56


Design And Fabrication Oflocally Fabricated Sms-Based Tele-Care Patient Monitor

Nnadiekwe C.A., Iwuji S.C., Okafor G.C., Nwankwo P.U. and Ogu E.U.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 57-63


Attenuation Properties of Fired Brick and Concrete Formed from Two Popular Brands of Cement in Nigeria.

Adekoya O. I., Nzekwe M. N., Adebanjo O.G., Chinedu F. H. and Nwaekwu N. V.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 64-73


Measurement of Optical Exposures and Determination of Safe Distances of Common Artificial Radiation Sources Used in Homes and Workplaces in Nigeria

Olowookere C.J., Oluwadamilare O.B., Alade, A.O. and Adeyemi F.O.

        [Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 74-81




News and Calendar

News and Calendar

        [News and Calendar - PDF]   pp 83-84

Time line for Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2021 Vol. 8 (Nos 1 - 4)
*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2021 Vol. 8 No 1  
Submission starts: January 1
First notification: February 15
Revised submission: March 7
Final notification: March 14
Camera-ready: March 21
Publication: March 31

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2021 Vol. 8 No 2  
Submission starts: April 1
First notification: May 15
Revised submission: June 7
Final notification: June 14
Camera-ready: June 21
Publication: June 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2021 Vol. 8 No 3  
Submission starts: July 1
First notification: August 15
Revised submission: September 7
Final notification: September 14
Camera-ready: September 21
Publication: September 30

*   Afr J Med Phy, Biomed Eng & Sc 2021 Vol. 8 No 4  
Submission starts: October 1
First notification: November 15
Revised submission: December 7
Final notification: December 14
Camera-ready: December 21
Publication: December 31


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